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What We’re Building

SparkToro is in the early stages of building data and a software product to help marketers, public relations professionals, and entrepreneurial teams learn more about the audiences they want to reach.

What are the Publications and People My Audience Pays Attention To?

As marketers, we want to reach people in the places they already engage -- on podcasts they listen to, through YouTube channels they subscribe to, via blogs and websites they actually read, and of course, through the influential accounts they follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But discovering these sources is a monstrous challenge.

Why? Because...

  • Surveying an audience you don't already reach is expensive, time-consuming, and suffers from the same curse all surveys do -- bias (in answers, in the selection set, etc).
  • Skimming through "top lists" of publications and accounts in a given field gives equally incomplete data, both because those lists often fail to include publications and people across multiple channels and because they only highlight the most prominent, easy-to-discover sources.
  • Prioritizing by follower counts and other raw social metrics is an awful way to uncover the true reach and influence of a publication, person, or account. Not only can these be easily gamed, they don't represent the quantity (or quality) of the specific audience you're trying to reach.

Despite an immense quantity of tools and data available to modern marketers, this fundamental problem has remained unsolved. Until now...


How SparkToro Can Help

We've unearthed some unique ways to access, assemble, and upgrade the information marketers need about their audiences on a deep enough, individual-enough level to be accurate at a scale that's truly useful. And while we're still in the process of verifying and building out our technology, what we've seen gives us hope that there's a real shot at solving this problem.

Most importantly... it doesn't need to be hard! We think the solution has to be simple enough that anyone can use it and get benefit from the information returned. You should be able to:

  • Search (with keywords, a website, even a publication or social account you know your audience already follows) and get results that can be easily filtered or sorted by the properties you care about.
  • See metrics that let you accurately sort by true engagement and reach levels. We all know follower count on Twitter is vastly less useful than the average number of clicks a link shared by an account drives, so let's help you get closer to that number!
  • Build lists of publications/accounts you can monitor, track competitive or related mentions, and get notifications and suggestions if there's a new publication or person that's rising in popularity with your target audience.

We know this process doesn't end at discovery, but we're also laser-focused on being the best solution to this specific problem before we expand to other issues.

If you're excited about saving a lot of manual work (and avoiding a lot of junk) in your audience & influence research processes, we hope you'll enter your email below so we can drop you a line as our product's ready to roll: